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No YA reviews this year--here's why:

I'm on the YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers committee! Hooray! However, that means that I have to keep mum on any book eligible for the 2019 list, which includes all YA (graphics and NF included!) published between 7/2017 and 12/2018.

To tell the truth, this is a relief. I've been toying with the idea of quitting blogging for a long time now. I read my old reviews and wonder if I could ever bang out posts like that again. I'm different. My life is different. My tastes are different. And my site keeps getting spammed by Russian and Ukranian bots. Ugh. So, there's not much to keep me here.

However, if I read a really excellent backlist book, I foresee being unable to keep it to myself, so I might drop a quick review in here. And after my term ends--who knows? Perhaps this will be a relic of my twenties, moldering on the internet for eternity. Or maybe I'll come back.

This also means that I won't be talking books on social media at all, unless it's, lik…

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