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I Am (Not) Hungry

After two aborted attempts at reading Bad Feminist, I decided it was time to tackle Roxane Gay's Hunger. I'd heard her read portions of it on NPR and it sounded wonderful. Although there is a lot of white space on the page, and each chapter is short--some no more than a page long--this is a difficult, time-consuming read. It's not something you can zing through and tick it off of your TBR. 

And yet, I don't see why everyone loves Hunger. Gay's story of being gang-raped at thirteen and eating to protect herself from pain punches you in the kidneys. I do not deny that. My heart aches for her. But the writing in the book is spare and repetitive and repetitive and spare. Gay circles back to points, even entire stories, several times over the course of the book. This is a style that you either like or you don't; I do not enjoy it.

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